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The Worthy House aspires to be a multi-author blog, focused on long-form writing and discussion.  While many of our writings have a political bent, this is not true for all, or required in any way.

The main goal of this site is to provide an outlet for the coherent thoughts of a selected group of individuals from across the political spectrum, as well as to provide a forum for point/counterpoint discussion and debate.  You will generally not find here constant, quick musings about transitory political events of the day, except as they bear on larger matters, and you will rarely find writings intended merely to amuse.  There will never be a Twitter feed or any connection of any sort to Snapchat.  Nor will there be ads.

There are three different types of posts; each is identified by type in its title.  Each type also has its own entry in the Main menu.

The three types are:

1) Book Reviews.  Normally done by one author, but can be done by two, or theoretically more.  Book reviews can be straightforward reviews, or jumping-off points for related (or semi-related) thoughts, or a combination of the two.

2) Colloquies.  These are point/counterpoint writings by two people (sometimes more), often over a current political topic.  They can be by two authors, or two people not all of whom are blog authors.  They can be informal and not particularly structured (especially if they originated elsewhere), or formal point/counterpoint.

3) Analysis.  By one author, on any topic.

Comments are welcome (abusive comments will be deleted, of course).  Usually the author of a post will respond if appropriate.

The Worthy House was launched in January, 2017.  However, it contains writings for about two years prior to that as well.

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