The Worthy House offers writings that revolve around moving toward a politics of future past. In short, that means that most (but not all) writings are related in some way to reality-based human flourishing in the post-liberal future. Politics, in this sense, is thus viewed broadly, and includes, most of all, history. The political sense of this magazine is encapsulated in the seven quotes at the very bottom of every page, together with the quote from T. E. Lawrence on the right side of the front page.

The primary author and Maximum Leader is Charles. He uses the process of writing mainly to develop his own thoughts—battle preparation. If they are sometimes useful to others, so much the better.

The selection of writing topics by Charles is not random, for the most part, however it may appear. The aim is to create a coherent whole; therefore, repetition of the exact same points from piece to piece is avoided and internal cross-references through links are common, with the links serving to refer the reader to a more extensive prior exposition of a particular point. Often certain general topics or themes will receive sustained focus for some months, interspersed with items relating to current events and occasional human-interest pieces.

You will generally not find here constant, quick musings about transitory political events of the day, except as they bear on larger matters, and you will rarely find writings intended merely to amuse. There will be no cat pictures, memes, or ads. Especially no ads. Charles is nouveau riche. He does not need the pittance that larding up the magazine with ads would bring, and for the same reason, there is no outside funding solicited or accepted. Give your money to someone else worthwhile!

You should feel free, though, to introduce The Worthy House to others; each page has easy buttons for that purpose, under the heading, naturally, of “Sharing Is Caring.”

All writings since January 1, 2019 are also available, at the end of each posting, in (a) audio narration; (b) typeset PDF form, which can be downloaded as well as printed; and (c) ebook (ePub and MOBI) format. Selected writings prior to January 1, 2019 are also available in some or all of those formats.

Comments are welcome. First comments by any one person must be manually approved by Charles; after that, they are automatically approved (though abusive or unsavory comments will be deleted, of course). Usually Charles will respond if appropriate.

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The Worthy House was launched in January, 2017. However, it contains writings for about two years prior to that as well.

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