What is Foundationalism?

Foundationalism, an applied political philosophy, is the politics of future past. It is a reflection of reality, and through recognizing reality, it aims to maximize the chances of both individual and collective flourishing. It is a way forward, not a way back.

The Foundationalist Manifesto, which explicates the philosophy of Foundationalism and links to longer writings on each of the twelve pillars of Foundationalism, can be found here.

The Foundationalist Star, seen at right or below, is the symbol of Foundationalism. It shows four four platforms, or foundations, joined into a unified whole. They form four inward pointing arrows emphasizing that Foundationalism aims at the flourishing of mankind, built upon human virtue and learning from the past while embracing the future. The twelve arms represent the twelve pillars; the heights of these are slightly offset to represent the skyline of a great future city. The negative space forms an X: the crossroads of history.