Maximum Leader

Charles is the Maximum Leader of the magazine, and the founder of the political philosophy (not ideology) of Foundationalism. Many of his writings are book reviews; mostly he reads non-fiction. His views are generally very conservative with a future-oriented, post-liberal bent. He does not belong to any political party. Like Miniver Cheevy, he was born too late, and wishes he could be a Knight Hospitaller, but with a warp drive. He desires comity but realizes, despite being a practicing and believing Christian, that ultimately no final question can be solved without conflict, usually involving violence. Thus, his style tends to be megalomaniacal and apocalyptic.

This, of course, raises the question–what is this magazine supposed to accomplish? Part of that can be found on our About page, which explains that Charles uses writing here primarily to develop his own thoughts. To what end, though? As it has developed, to the end of outlining, and preparing for the advent of, a political philosophy, which he has named Foundationalism, and which he is preparing to implement in real life (though whether anyone will notice remains to be seen).

If you are interested, though why you would be is unclear, in a personality profile of Charles, one can be found here. He was once an M&A lawyer, and for some years has been the owner and operator of a light manufacturing company located in the Midwest. He does not care if you know exactly who he is, since he cannot be cancelled. He can be reached at [email protected], or [email protected], or via Keybase (theworthyhouse, or Keybase chat), or Signal upon request.