Month: September 2023

On Marriage

Men on the Right spend a great deal of time improving ourselves. We improve our diet through changing the foods we eat; we improve our strength through weight training; we improve our minds through reading forbidden books. Too often, though, we neglect the most important dimension of our society—ensuring a healthy, productive relationship between men and women. Instead, we mutate and abandon our natural purposes and drives, adopting new unnatural modes and orders dictated to both men and women by those who would destroy our society. Unlike with many of the other problems we face, however, we can largely fix this problem by our own efforts.

Recent Appearances (September 2023)

I was honored to appear in five different venues in the past month. Topics were particularly spicy, the result of media hit pieces on me which attracted attention from different quarters, as well as the rising discussion around “no enemies to the Right.” Shows where I appeared were: 1) CROSSPOLITIC, where we talked about the intersection of Christianity, NETTR, and Foundationalism, sometimes with non-trivial, but helpful, disagreements. 2) Evangelical podcaster Jon Harris and his show Conversations That Matter, where I laugh uncontrollably at the fantasies of my enemies. 3) Last Things, of armed patronage networks and the coming revolutions. 4) With the channel Evangelical Dark Web, more takes on Christian matters as tied to my political thought. 5) On the Canadian podcast Blood Satellite, of warlordism and wealth. Links and embeddings are below.

Domestic Extremist: A Practical Guide to Winning the Culture War (Peachy Keenan)

My aunt, one of my father’s two sisters, died in 2020, at the age of eighty-five. She never married, because when she was young, she convinced herself that what mattered was having a career—in her case, as a virologist. She attended all the best schools: Miss Porter’s; Bryn Mawr; and Harvard Medical School, graduating in 1959. She was pretty, quirky, engaging, but most of all, she thought she was always the smartest person in the room. She believed, she knew, that by placing career over family, she would earn a Nobel Prize. She did not get a Nobel Prize.

“The China Convergence” (N. S. Lyons)

We Americans sense that we live in an empire of lies. We want to understand the people and systems which control our country and society. At a minimum, we want to know how and by whom we are ruled, and what that means for both the present and the future. But we can trust no source of information, because we know every channel of knowledge has been corrupted. Thus, inquiry usually ends in frustration, in obvious falsehoods peddled to us, or in esoteric conjectures which seem the more popular the more unlikely they are.