Month: November 2021

Human, Forever (James Poulos)

Digital communications technology is yet mostly a formless thing, still being born, upon which we moderns imprint our fears and our hopes. Some dreamers see it as an unalloyed good, which when grown will let us slip the chains of our humanity. Others, more grounded, see it as a genie best stuffed back into his bottle and dropped down a mineshaft, for otherwise its acid will corrode all that is permanent, melting it into the air. James Poulos takes neither approach; he is the apostle of creating the new way of human flourishing, finding the narrow path that threads between false utopia and catastrophe. “Which way, Western man?”, asks the meme. Poulos has an answer for us.

Announcement: Discussion between Tommy Salmons (Year Zero) and Charles

Now available is my discussion with Tommy Salmons on his Year Zero podcast! We have a freewheeling and wide-ranging discussion, containing much abuse of our current government, talk about societal structures, and more mention of Caesar. Combined with spiritual musings and other items of interest! You can find the episode here in audio, or on the usual podcast platforms. You can follow Tommy on Twitter, @TDSalmons, and get all his podcasts here.

The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam (Bat Ye’or)

For twenty years, our rulers have propagandized us with two contradictory claims. First, that the West is locked in an existential conflict with Islam, justifying any spending, any killing, and any erasure of our ancient liberties. And second, that no Muslim, as a Muslim, is any threat to anybody whatsoever. Resolving the contradiction is not hard, but why bother, because what American cares about global Islam now? As the American empire collapses inward and America’s divisions are elucidated ever more clearly, our internal conflicts have superseded any conflict with Islam. Still, maybe conflict will return when the West is reborn, or replaced, and as always we can learn a lot from studying the past that may yet be useful in the future.

Announcement: Discussion between Prof. Edward Dutton (aka The Jolly Heretic) and Charles

Now available is my discussion with Professor Edward Dutton, aka The Jolly Heretic! Professor Dutton is an expert on evolutionary biology and related matters, which we mention in the context of civilizational collapse, but that is not our main focus here. Rather, we talk primarily about whether the future is the High Middle Ages with rockets, what our American present is like, the revival of religion, why Orthodoxy is based, and societal enforcement of virtue. And I make a specific prediction of when America will break up. You can find the episode here in video. You can find Prof. Dutton’s YT channel here (although this video, and his many other fascinating interview videos, can only be found on his Odyssee channel or his Bitchute channel). Spread the word! (Also, I encourage donations to Prof. Dutton; as always, you should support your friends with deeds, not merely words.)

Stalin’s War: A New History of World War II (Sean McMeekin)

We are not a serious society. Our ruling class are men of no substance, lacking all knowledge and incapable of competent action on any front. The masses, while they sense a great deal is very wrong, are distracted by propaganda and ephemera. We feel we can afford to be unserious, because all of us lead lives of unprecedented material comfort. Any lack is eased by speedy delivery of sedatives designed to mask and hold down chthonic spiritual despair. To be sure, we do not lack for heralds of the coming storm—but we, high and low, have forgotten what a storm looks like. Read this book and you will remember, and you will also know what it is to live in a serious society.

Announcement: Podcast Discussion between Peter R. Quiñones and Charles

Now available across all platforms is my discussion with Peter R. Quiñones, host of the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast. We talk about the fracture of America, putting one’s boot on the neck of the Left, why hedge fund operators are inferior to glass factory workers, and much more. You can find the episode here in audio, or on all the standard podcast platforms. You can also find it here in video, with improved video quality on Charles’s end. Spread the word!