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Announcement: Podcast Discussion between Peter R. Quiñones and Charles

Now available across all platforms is my discussion with Peter R. Quiñones, host of the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast. We talk about the fracture of America, putting one’s boot on the neck of the Left, why hedge fund operators are inferior to glass factory workers, and much more.

You can find the episode here in audio, or on all the standard podcast platforms. You can also find it here in video, with improved video quality on Charles’s end. Spread the word!


  1. Excellent podcast. I find it incredibly irritating to talk to normie Republicans and BoomerCons, who literally don’t know anything and blame China for their own garbage culture. It’s hilarious how most of my ideas come from actual libertarians and paleoconservatives, which causes these low IQ tools of grifter scum to call me a communist. They’re too stupid and ignorant to realize how stupid and ignorant they are. If you don’t replace these people conservatism is dead.

    • Charles Haywood says

      Oh, they’ll be replaced. That’s what I mean by “evanesce.”

    • Flotsam Jetsam says

      Hey, Ricky. Me, too. That mindless freemarketfreetradelowtaxes manta they repeat even in the face of overwhelming evidence is exasperating. Nothing gets them off the Heritage Foundation talking points they have been raised on. Never had an original thought in their head.

      Yes, they do call me a communist while they stare at sportzball all day and brag about what leftist college their kids got into (I tell them their kids are being taught to hate them at college and they decide to hate me instead). Michael Savage used to call them “checked pants, country club republicans” and he was spot on. Our culture is a black hole of globohomo, feminism, and the worship of feral negroes, and none of these fat tools has a clue why I would never lift a finger to defend any of it.

      I used to spend my time looking for the best pocket of this nation to hide. Now I spend my time looking for what other country to emigrate to. Maybe the idea of having nationality in one place, live in another, and keep your money in a third makes sense.

      All of these slobs got the jab, btw. And now the boosters. They will not lift a finger to interrupt their comfort to defend anyone resisting these insane mandates. Their whole outlook is straight out of Chicago: “I got mine, fuck off.” I do not look to these people for anything; they are dead inside.

      • And I really don’t mind laissez-faire – sounds like a good idea. But what we have is government managed, Fed money printing backed, corporate international imperialist enforced, IP monopoly “capitalism” where I get taxed to never be able to compete while the Chamber of Commerce and GloboHomo get bailed out with monopoly money. These people refuse to acknowledge that what exists is not ave had not been for over a century any kind of ‘free market’ but is instead a rigged game for banksters that subsidizes shitty foreign kleptocracies (both government and pseudoprivate), while crushing the right of anyone else to discriminate, compete or even protect their children from corporate subsidized homosexuality. The right wing of libertarians are a lot better on this Thabo Republican swine (because they actually understand economics and the concept of customary law), but they generally have no useful advice (abolish the government – if that was an option, trust me, we’d have done it and marched these pencil necked congressional trash info camps already).

  2. goodlander says

    Your best podcast appearance yet IMO.

    While listening I wrote a note to ask if you’re familiar with Jim Bell’s 1995 essay “Assassination Politics.”

    Since Gordian knot political solutions, crypto currency, blockchain smart contracts, and blockchain oracles are all fashionable, its strange to me that AP is not. His essay is far more relevant today with all the major technical hurdles are solved. Even the culture seems more warlike and suited for AP now.

    • Most normies are feminized, fat, comfortable physical, moral and intellectual cowards and prefer to hide and consider themselves better because they’re ‘peaceful’, even though (as Burnham in “The Machiavellians” and Georges Sorel point out) an aversion to violence may actually allow more violence in the total.

      • Charles Haywood says

        This, while it has large elements of truth, is far too pessimistic, both in under-rating the degree to which people can change/improve, and in under-rating the number of (silent) people who are not like this, many of whom have useful skills.

        • I don’t believe in free will, I think biology and conditioning controls most people ave their responses to a huge degree which modern tabula rasa Whig society refuses to acknowledge. Under compulsion ( here I mean more the facts of circumstances than political or personal force) people adapt, sometimes with surprising alacrity, but it requires institutions, skills, incentives and most of all competent leadership to make significant changes. As absurd as the modern American nation has become it remains that we are the most physically productive economy in history (contra populist rhetoric, we manufacture and mine more than we ever have, we just don’t use human beings for it) and that gives a huge amount of buffer. Look at how garbage Brasil is today, while being far poorer and more violent than our own society, and without much sign of a popular revolt or Caesar to correct the inanities of their abusive elite. We have a long way to fall before we get to Brasil, which means that the US could face literally centuries of decline before its masses are hard pressed enough, and is elites fractured enough, to actually lead to productive reverses (rather than mere catastrophic and pointless civil wars and grifter populism).
          I believe that having a decent mass society is mostly a matter of luck, as the masses are simply too easily manipulated and their betters too comfortable to actually force through the drastic changes needed. Like yourself I don’t believe in an AI controlled Brave New World, but I don’t see why America won’t just become a huge Honduras where most people are serfs to warlords and crooked business interests, destined to be shot if they try to fight the inept, universally corrupt but heavily armed police and military forces. Of course the situation in South America is partly predicated on American intervention and ethnic problems, but we’re making our own ethnic problems and could easily become a colony for some outside empire once we become too pathetic to defend ourselves.

        • The bourgeoisie are useless in strife.
          That’s if they were men instead of the AWFL wife’s Drone slaves- and they are slaves.

          The “Middle Class” are AWFLS (affluent white ladies) and at best they will stand aside. Neither their husbands nor sons are worth even asking.

          The election in Virginia was simply a Basic lesson of politics since 1965; our elites will not live as peasants. They live conservative, affluent lives and govern over an ever spreading progressive Detroit Hell.

          They live Republican and govern Democrat.
          They live Rumson or Montclair and govern Camden, Newark. Respectfully Heaven and Hell, NJ.

          Camden makes Newark look like Switzerland, BTW.

      • goodlander says

        People have aversions to dirty hands, not violence in the abstract. Cruelty with a keyboard, crowdsourcing, and the desire to punish one’s enemies are all far more common today than in 1995. These are the necessary ingredients for AP. The actual triggermen need only be a tiny minority.

        • It’s not just an unwillingness to engage in combat that’s a problem. It’s an unwillingness to do literally anything except various forms of masturbation m

    • Charles Haywood says

      Thank you! I am not familiar with it; I’ll check it out.

    • Thank you very much for your comment. Jim Bell, author of Assassination Politics.
      I am usually found on the Cypherpunks email list.

    • Charles Haywood says

      You may! Although as I have said elsewhere, the term “White Terror” is a propaganda term of the Left. “Justice” is what most so-called events are, after the Red Terror that accompanies all Left ascension to power. The two sets of events are rarely, if ever, comparable.

  3. Hi Charles,

    Great podcast. I agree that most Republicans are useless. What are your thoughts on Ron DeSantis?

    • Charles Haywood says

      Potential. But he’s a lawyer, which is debilitating for real change–trained to weigh risk too much. Trump is better as a firestarter. DeSantis won’t do what needs to be done, even if he’s elected.

  4. The idea that we vote or law our way out of this will die hard and only after much death.

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