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Underwriters of the United States: How Insurance Shaped the American Founding (Hannah Farber)

A review by me of this book has been published in the outstanding quarterly American Affairs, to which everyone should subscribe. The first paragraph, and a link to the entire review, and the journal itself, can be found below. Property insurance is everywhere, but it is rarely prominent in the public mind. Its internal workings are obscure, full of technical language, esoteric customs, and mind-numbing legalese. Most people give it little thought beyond what is absolutely necessary. Nonetheless, as Hannah Farber’s Underwriters of the United States makes clear, property insurance is a powerful social force in any complex economy. And surprisingly, this excellent academic analysis of underwriting in the American shipping industry, up until 1860, has much to say about America today. Most of all, it makes us consider how corporate entities, and more generally concentrations of private wealth and power, can and should interact, and be permitted to interact, with the rest of the nation. . . . . Read more at American Affairs!

Podcast with Good Ol Boyz: Foundationalism with Charles

My recent appearance with Maarek and Bog Beef of the Good Ol Boyz podcast. We cover patronage, elites, what young people should do with an eye to the future, as well as much more. And, of course, we talk about Foundationalism. This one should not be missed. It is available here on Patreon (audio only—no sexy Charles on video today), [Note that this podcast episode is currently behind a paywall; it may be available for free later, but as always, I encourage everyone to spend a few dollars to support quality content, and there is much more outstanding content available from the Good Ol Boyz than just me!] (Language warning for the delicate.)

The Stakes: Trajectory of Tyranny (Michael Anton and Charles)

The people, they demand yet more Michael Anton and Charles! This time, of Ukraine, Canada, and tyranny in general and as currently being applied. I am again pleased to announce that The Claremont Institute, in the form of The American Mind, a publication of the Institute, has published another Special Edition of its regular podcast, featuring Professor Anton and yours truly. It is available here in audio, or on all the usual podcast platforms, or here on YouTube in audio format.

“The Death of Late-Stage Leftism,” on The Pete Quinones Show

Now available is my (second) discussion on The Pete Quinones Show! We discuss my recent article, Against Counsels of Defeat, Canadian truckers, regime fragility, and the inevitability of Left violence. You can find the episode here in audio, or on other podcast platforms, or in video (Odysee or YouTube). You can follow Pete on his website, or on Odysee, or YouTube, and on Twitter. You can support him here, as well.

“Building the Post-Liberal Future,” on Counter-Flow, with Buck Johnson

Now available is my discussion on Counter-Flow, with Buck Johnson! We discuss Foundationalism, Orthodoxy, and how our coming post-liberal future is going to be super awesome—if we play it right. You can find the episode here in audio, or on other podcast platforms, or here in video. You can follow Buck on his website, or on YouTube and on Twitter. You can donate to him on Patreon, as well.

Discussion with Charles on Third Way Radio

Now available is my discussion, in essence an interview of me, on Third Way Radio, a presentation of New Frontier! This features Haywood in high gear and taking no prisoners, castigating the Baby Boomers, elucidating Foundationalism, and generally pushing wholesale change. We discuss the role of government in societal virtue, and the rejection of what today’s Left and Right (or at least today’s Republican Party as representative of the latter) have to offer. You can find the episode here in video on Odysee, or here on YouTube, or both embedded below. You can follow New Frontier, whose political program has many overlaps with Foundationalism and can be found here, on YouTube and on Telegram, as well as directly on their site.

Announcement: Discussion between Navarra Confidencial and Charles

Now available is my discussion with Navarra Confidencial, a Spanish news and opinion site! For better or worse, I speak no Spanish, so it is all in English. We talk politics, religion, and many other of the sorts of things one used to be discouraged from talking about. (You can also see the true horror of the Wuhan Plague, from which I was suffering at the time this was filmed.) You can find the episode here in video, or embedded below, with improved camera work on my end!) You can follow Navarra Confidencial on YouTube, on Twitter, and on Telegram, as well as directly on their site.

Announcement: Discussion between Tommy Salmons (Year Zero) and Charles

Now available is my discussion with Tommy Salmons on his Year Zero podcast! We have a freewheeling and wide-ranging discussion, containing much abuse of our current government, talk about societal structures, and more mention of Caesar. Combined with spiritual musings and other items of interest! You can find the episode here in audio, or on the usual podcast platforms. You can follow Tommy on Twitter, @TDSalmons, and get all his podcasts here.

Announcement: Discussion between Prof. Edward Dutton (aka The Jolly Heretic) and Charles

Now available is my discussion with Professor Edward Dutton, aka The Jolly Heretic! Professor Dutton is an expert on evolutionary biology and related matters, which we mention in the context of civilizational collapse, but that is not our main focus here. Rather, we talk primarily about whether the future is the High Middle Ages with rockets, what our American present is like, the revival of religion, why Orthodoxy is based, and societal enforcement of virtue. And I make a specific prediction of when America will break up. You can find the episode here in video. You can find Prof. Dutton’s YT channel here (although this video, and his many other fascinating interview videos, can only be found on his Odyssee channel or his Bitchute channel). Spread the word! (Also, I encourage donations to Prof. Dutton; as always, you should support your friends with deeds, not merely words.)

Announcement: Podcast Discussion between Peter R. Quiñones and Charles

Now available across all platforms is my discussion with Peter R. Quiñones, host of the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast. We talk about the fracture of America, putting one’s boot on the neck of the Left, why hedge fund operators are inferior to glass factory workers, and much more. You can find the episode here in audio, or on all the standard podcast platforms. You can also find it here in video, with improved video quality on Charles’s end. Spread the word!