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I Discuss Topical Topics on The Pete Quinones Show

Now available is my recent discussion on The Pete Quinones Show! This was pretty spicy. We discuss the Russo-Ukraine War (including that it’s time to give Sub-Carpathian Ruthenia back to Hungary), race in America, Abraham Lincoln, and my thoughts on (No) Enemies to the Right.

You can find the episode here in audio, or on other podcast platforms, or in video). You can follow Pete on his website, or on Odysee and on Twitter. You can support him here, as well.


  1. Daphne Patai says

    Perhaps you could review the book Socialism Sucks: Two economists drink their way through the unfree world (2019).

    • Charles Haywood says

      Always a pleasure to hear from one of the earliest readers of The Worthy House! Looks very interesting–I have ordered a copy.

  2. Now We Are Two says

    CH, I’ve read TWH off-and-on for years, finding it interesting but not overly novel. But the TC interview? Extremely impressive. This one wasn’t too bad either. You are a far better talker than writer IMO.

    My wife (I’m a semi-well-off retired rural gent like you, just 2X your # of kids) was similarly impressed. I had forgotten you were a lawyer so shouldn’t be surprised you can handle yourself on-the-fly: funny, articulate, honest. IMO you are wasting your time writing.

    • Charles Haywood says

      I’ll take that as compliments! It is true that talking is not often done well on the DR. (Ever listen to Yarvin?) Maybe that is the future for me.

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