Recent Appearances (February 2024)

I was honored to appear in the past two months in nine (!) different venues. Both topical topics and matters other than politics were discussed. Programs where I appeared, in order, have been (with links below):

1) With the Old Glory Club, on Pony Express Radio, “to discuss the FBI still existing, rapid kinetic disassembly in Arlington, Douglas Mackey, alien mercenaries, and more.”

2) On the New Write podcast, with Mpegz696 and Dan Baltic, “to discuss dissident literature, the upcoming ‘Civil War’ movie, and the fruitfulness of the Natal Conference.”

3) With Jason and Mark on the 2Bit Podcast, of enemies who pretend to be on the Right, the current state of Liberalism in the West and what is to come next.

4) On the Backwoods Belief podcast, with @bendellwerry and @MerelyJWright, of many things.

5) On the Christian Ghetto podcast, to discuss events at the Texas border.

6) A third appearance with Tommy Salmons, of the Year Zero podcast, where we touch on the usual, Orthodoxy and politics, and more!

7) A third appearance with Buck Johnson on Counterflow: of the crumbling of the Regime, “the circulation of the elites, what a weak regime looks like, what comes next, the process in which this all happens, Elon Musk, Biden, Trump, Vivek and more.”

8) With Kingpilled, discussing how Team Happening is, and will, thrash Team Not Happening.

9) A third appearance with Pete Quinones, which is, as usual, spicy. Last listed, but not least!

Old Glory Club:

New Write (link here).

2Bit Podcast:

Backwoods Belief:

The Christian Ghetto:

Year Zero:

Buck Johnson:


Pete Quinones:


Against Nostalgia

Elon Musk (Walter Isaacson)

Tucker (Chadwick Moore)

On Marriage

On Manual Work for Men