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Natal Conference 2023

For quite some time, several years, long before Elon Musk, I have claimed that the coming population crash is the most significant mechanical (that is, non-spiritual) problem facing the West. This December 1 and 2, in Austin, the first Natal Conference will take place. It aims to bring together reality-focused men and women of keen mind to search of solutions. Speakers include me, myself, and I, along with Mary Harrington, James Poulos, Alex Kaschuta, Raw Egg Nationalist, and many more of equal caliber, as you can see at

I very rarely travel for “business.” You will not find me hawking my wares at this and that conference. That I am traveling to Austin for the Natal Conference shows my strong support for this endeavor.

You can learn more at, as I say, Or keep up to date at the conference’s Twitter account. Or read the summary at this Substack.


  1. Richard says

    Sounds very interesting but ironically my wife is scheduled to give birth in late November so I will not be able to attend. Glad to read the first day will be live streamed.

  2. Right now, the United States is letting in a flood tide of illegal aliens across our southern border. Under the Biden administration, we can expect two more years of it. So, we are doing what we always do when we need something, importing it. So, what’s the problem?

    • Charles Haywood says

      I assume this question is a joke, but (a) all birth rates around the world are declining, and the few that are not below replacement will soon reach it and (b) they’re not sending their best, as someone once said, not to mention that importing aliens that destroy our nation isn’t a solution.

  3. Vaterland says

    Dear Mr. Haywood,

    I agree that the population crash of developed countries is a serious problem. Our current solution to import people from the third world seems like a suicide strategy. I really appreciate that you participate in discussion about this topic. I have some stray thoughts about it.

    What could be the reason for the population crash in developed countries?
    1. Is reduced fertility the issue due to body polution by chemicals?
    2. Are we becoming like the rats in Calhoun´s experiments due to living in a crowded enviroment and having no serious struggles for survival?
    3. Did the trend to promote male behaviour and demote female behaviour destroy the drive to get children in women?
    4. Are we guilt-ridden due to the two world wars that we have a strong wish to die?
    5. Are we becoming lazy and anti-social due to our technical environment which seems to become hostile to everything human including giving birth to children?
    6. Are we still adapting to the wide-spread availability of contraception?

    Additional thought:
    Maybe, we know on a subconscious level that our population is in overshoot due to the one-time availability of massive amouts of energy known as fossil fuels, which cannot be completely substituted by our other energy collection mechanisms (nuclear, solar, wind, water). Therefore, we promote sterile ways of living (homo- and transsexuality) and unhealthy ways of living (e.g. veganism) to reduce the population.

    • Charles Haywood says

      My Empty Planet review discusses this. It is primarily simply a consequence of autonomic individualism, a consequence of the Enlightenment–that is, the universal spread of poisonous Left ideas. That’s in part your #3. But there is definitely reduced fertility and testosterone, which is definitely due to some environmental factor(s), your #1. (Apparently Calhoun’s experiments are not replicable and not reliable, though they are interesting.) Not #4; this extends far beyond the West. Something to #5, too, even aside from Left values. #6 is in part part of #1, but contraception is a disaster as well.

      I don’t think much of subconscious explanations. But certainly the West is capable of maintaining a high standard of living, and energy use, indefinitely. After all, we have hundreds, if not thousands, of years of coal. I have some sympathy for John Michael Greer and catabolic collapse, but I don’t think that’s the whole story.

  4. Ryan says

    I will be disappointed if nobody makes any crude jokes about what goes on during the “private closed door sessions” at a pronatalist conference!

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