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“What Victory Looks Like”—Discussion with Auron MacIntyre

Now available is my discussion with Auron MacIntyre about victory over the Left. We talk about permanent success in building a Left-free society, about “no enemies to the right,” about technology, and much more.

You can find the episode here in video on YouTube, or here in audio on Apple Podcasts, or on all the usual podcast platforms. You can follow Auron on his very popular YouTube channel, at his Substack, or on Twitter and Gab. You can support his work on Subscribestar, as well.


  1. Jed S. says

    Fascinated by the discussion about your definition of the Enlightenment (unlimited emancipation & forced egalitarianism). Is there a specific book that explains that further?

  2. Augustine says

    I’ve been following Charles’ dust up with Dreher with some interest as infighting and gatekeeping within the Right has hobbled the movement for the past couple of decades. In addition, the concession of the mainstream “Right” re egalitarianism makes it worse than irrelevant in that it enforces left wing morality on those of us who are based in reality.

    I am currently exploring the intellectual space within a Venn diagram of Charles, Paul Kingsnorth, and Christopher Zeeman. There is something appealing in all of them to a truth seeker.

    Given Charles “no enemies to the right” moment, I would like to hear his opinion on Anton’s recent hit piece on Zeeman. I realize that Anton is no Dreher, but he can not let go of Jaffa who some argue is the root of the Right’s left-wing embrace.

    • Augustine says

      You would think I would read a comment before posting…after re-reading, the last sentence needs to be reworded: …of the mainstream Right’s embrace of left-wing egalitarianism.

    • Charles Haywood says

      Thanks, and keep exploring. I have read the Anton and Z-Man pieces. I’m close to Anton, and like Z-Man. Mostly, I don’t have philosophical opinions. Foundationalism is about defeating the Left and creating a flourishing, reality-based society. Philosophy is secondary to that.

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