Announcement: Discussion between Prof. Edward Dutton (aka The Jolly Heretic) and Charles

Now available is my discussion with Professor Edward Dutton, aka The Jolly Heretic! Professor Dutton is an expert on evolutionary biology and related matters, which we mention in the context of civilizational collapse, but that is not our main focus here. Rather, we talk primarily about whether the future is the High Middle Ages with rockets, what our American present is like, the revival of religion, why Orthodoxy is based, and societal enforcement of virtue. And I make a specific prediction of when America will break up.

You can find the episode here in video. You can find Prof. Dutton’s YT channel here (although this video, and his many other fascinating interview videos, can only be found on his Odyssee channel or his Bitchute channel). Spread the word! (Also, I encourage donations to Prof. Dutton; as always, you should support your friends with deeds, not merely words.)


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