Announcement: Narration Podcasts & Typeset PDFs

I have often received complaints, or let’s call it feedback, that people would like to read more of The Worthy House, but really, who can be expected to have time to read long-form writings, especially those as long-form as here? I have some sympathy (though not enough to change the format, or break up pieces from paragraphs to easily digestible sentences, as you often see on the Internet). In fact, I have enough sympathy that I have made two additions to the site, in order to enable easier consumption of our uniformly stellar writings.

First, for all writings from May 1, 2019, we now integrate an audio version into each post, in the form of embedded narration podcasts. At the bottom of each post is an audio player, from which the post can be played directly from any browser, or downloaded. All narrations are available for subscription on Apple Podcasts (thus accessible from iPhones, for example) and any podcast syndication can be fed from our podcast RSS feed ( To see all narrations in one place, go here.

Second, also for all writings from May 1, 2019, you can now download a PDF version, which is not a printed version of the screen, but rather a typeset, book-style PDF, designed to be easy to read and easy to print. (We don’t care about killing trees; go right ahead and print hundreds of copies, and distribute them to your friends.) This PDF is accessible with the green button at the bottom of the post (right after the audio player).

We may also add narrated podcasts and PDFs for selected posts earlier than May 1, though that remains to be seen. We also hope to expand the podcast format to include live discussions and debates, but that also remains to be seen.


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