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Announcement: Discussion between Navarra Confidencial and Charles

Now available is my discussion with Navarra Confidencial, a Spanish news and opinion site! For better or worse, I speak no Spanish, so it is all in English. We talk politics, religion, and many other of the sorts of things one used to be discouraged from talking about. (You can also see the true horror of the Wuhan Plague, from which I was suffering at the time this was filmed.)

You can find the episode here in video, or embedded below, with improved camera work on my end!) You can follow Navarra Confidencial on YouTube, on Twitter, and on Telegram, as well as directly on their site.


  1. Carlos Danger says

    You caught Covid? That must have been something, but you didn’t look or sound as if suffering.

    • Charles Haywood says

      Yes–as I put on Twitter: “Whole family (7) got the Wuhan Plague. We had refused the Devil’s Shot. No attempt whatsoever to avoid the Plague, or to avoid transmission within the family. No comorbidities. As expected, no problems—minor fevers, mild fatigue, mild cough. Pureblood status—achievement unlocked!”

      • Carlos Danger says

        I just got my third Devil’s Shot last Thursday. May have suffered more than you did.

          • Carlos Danger says

            Here’s a funny take on the vaccines, suggesting they are a ripoff:

          • Charles Haywood says

            Yeah, that is funny, and there is something to it–that corruption drives some of the responses. It’s all just so opaque. If we had a legitimate media, we might get some answers, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. horny amish says

    You just achieved better and more enduring immunity by natural infection than vax immunity ..Congratulations!! Most people are like you and your family ie mild disease with recovery.

    • Charles Haywood says

      Yes, that was the idea and the plan. Always some tiny amount of risk, and as I say I frankly expected it to be worse, but it wasn’t in my top ten sicknesses ever.

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