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“The Death of Late-Stage Leftism,” on The Pete Quinones Show

Now available is my (second) discussion on The Pete Quinones Show! We discuss my recent article, Against Counsels of Defeat, Canadian truckers, regime fragility, and the inevitability of Left violence.

You can find the episode here in audio, or on other podcast platforms, or in video (Odysee or YouTube). You can follow Pete on his website, or on Odysee, or YouTube, and on Twitter. You can support him here, as well.


  1. Eugene says

    Great podcast, Charles! I am glad that the situation up here on this side of the border was discussed. I completely agree with the case for a “post-ideological age.” (You don’t use those exact words, but that’s what it pretty much comes down to.) While we need a society that will give people meaning (i.e., “traditional values”), we need to jettison all ideological straitjackets. We need to recognize that we can’t be wedded to inanities such as “the free market is always right” (or, conversely, “the government should own everything”) — that is, we need to be practical and not ideological about it. We need to be open-minded, objective, and go with what’s best for society.

    It is very nice of you to have donated to the truckers’ cause. 🙂 Honk honk!

    If you ever become president (as you surely want, despite your claims), please come up and invade us (and appoint me as governor of your newly acquired northern satrapy!).

    • Jared says

      Sounds like TWH was well-represented in the funding of this peaceful prote– excuse me, “subversive illegal blockade.” I was at one point a top donor! 😉

      • Charles Haywood says

        Yeah, but sadly, none of that money will, I’m sure, ever end up with the truckers, for legal defense or anything else. (Although they don’t actually seem to be charging the truckers with much, which may be smart.) No doubt the Canadian government will terrorize GiveSendGo into handing over all the money. Not that this is an original thought, but all this is just straightforward anarcho-tyranny, and in-line with my various thoughts in recent weeks.

    • Charles Haywood says

      I have not read it, but I have a copy, which I had forgotten. I will bring it forward in the list!

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