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“Caesar & Beyond”—My Appearance with Auron MacIntyre

Now available is my discussion with Auron MacIntyre. We talk about Caesar, of course, but also much more, including the (likely limited) role of people such as ourselves in the new society.

You can find the episode here on YouTube. You can follow Auron on his very popular YouTube channel, at his Substack, or on Twitter and Gab. You can support his work on Subscribestar, as well.


  1. Daniel says

    Gold standard interview. Loved every minute.

    A question I had in mind throughout the interview, that you touched on when you mentioned a new Caesar would ban tinder.

    Many circles of reaction I frequent argue on this topic. While it is obvious that a new Caesar would, and should, have to ban any scent of leftist ideology, it is not so obvious what he should/would legally ban and enforce regarding other forms of corporate or social degeneracy, in an effort to allow the populace to be healthy and flourish.

    Does he ban porn? Drugs? McDonalds? Tiktok? Taylor Swift? Kardashians? Marvel films?

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