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Anton, Cooper, Haywood, Peterson, and Reaboi Walk into a Bar . . .

You may be tired of discussion of Caesarism. But if you are not, this one is for you! Recently, at a super-secret location, I was honored to participate in a group conversation with: Michael Anton (who needs no introduction); Darryl Cooper (MartyrMade on Twitter and in his podcast); Matthew Peterson (New Founding); and David Reaboi (Late Republic Nonsense and the Claremont Institute).

The podcast was hosted by Matt, after cocktails were made freely available. The blurb for the podcast is: “[A] far-reaching discussion of the perils and possibilities of Caesarism. Norms that once guided American life have vanished, and Americans across the political divide no longer have any shared understanding of justice. Americans, particularly those specially targeted by the regime for punishment, may turn to a leader who simply promises normalcy. The combination of this controversial topic with the all-star intellectual lineup is a podcast you can’t miss if you want to understand the deeper forces at work in America today.”

Whether I deserve to be part of an “all-star intellectual lineup,” I leave to my readers, but certainly that description fits the others. Audio of the conversation is here, or you can listen to The Matthew Peterson Podcast on any podcast app (and you should); video is here.

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  1. Very enjoyable conversation Charles. I’m a big fan of your plain speaking (and lack of disavowals) about the painfully obvious filth that is our current elite class. I really don’t hear much of that on the right. Of course everyone complains about the elites, but few will say the obvious facts that their ideology is satanic and they will not voluntarily give up power so……”I know, let’s remind them of that they’re not honoring the constitution..” Right, that’ll teach’em.
    Maybe it’s because you feel more free than many because you have made your money elsewhere and can’t be cancelled. It’s frustrating though to hear so much prevarication and pussyfooting around the truth so as not to get thrown off of youtube. I laughed out loud at Darryl Cooper’s comments about media figures, he obviously doesn’t have a pussyfooting problem.
    Anyway, it’s encouraging that there seems to be a growing market for your analysis. I was really blown away that you got interviewed by Tucker. Whoa. That’s a whole other level. Do you have a link to that interview by the way? I am having trouble finding anything but a brief clip.
    Keep it up Mr. Haywood.

    • Charles Haywood says

      Thank you! No longer version publicly available, except through Fox Nation–but you can get a trial subscription, if you are really keen. My personal individual solution is, as I have said, not the Cooper solution, but rather confiscation, lustration, and rustication–what I call “picking sugar beets in Saskatchewan.”

  2. Tim Hicks says

    Michael Walsh is coming out with a book called – Against the Great Reset – that features essays by Anton, Poulos, Black and a host of others. It may be a good book for you to critique. Thanks for being a constructive voice in this turbulent time.

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