On My Lawsuit Against Amazon (Updated)

For people who like this sort of thing, I am pleased to present my lawsuit filed, in federal court in Seattle, a few weeks ago against Amazon (mentioned on my recent appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show). As longtime readers know, at one point I was one of the highest-ranking reviewers on Amazon, but they deplatformed me because of my awesome political views.

Here is the original complaint, which also explains the background. The suit proceeds in the usual way. Various interesting things are happening in this area of law, as you may have heard. My lawsuit is mostly a question, however, of personal honor, along with my intense megalomania and desire for fame.

Update 10/17/22: Here is Amazon’s September 2022 Motion to Dismiss. Here is my October 2022 response.

Update 8/25/23: After nearly a year, the court ruled on Amazon’s Motion to Dismiss. The court granted the motion. This is not unsurprising, given existing law. There was some chance that on appeal I might have gotten a different result. However, I decided not to appeal. Amazon as a platform for my writing, given my growth on other platforms, is totally irrelevant. (Moreover, they have completely changed their reviewing system, eliminating both reviewer rankings and comments on reviews.) There will be no legislative fix, either; there is no political solution.


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